Oil and Gas

Falcons’ Oil & Gas, contributes innovative technologies to support to meet the growing energy needs. Since its inception in 2005, Falcons is pioneer in providing support service and Information of Saudi Oil and Gas Market.  As energy is at the heart of everything we do, our success is driven by a group of committed professionals and their vision.

Over this period, Falcons has grown to become a globally competitive integrated energy company with a balanced portfolio of high-quality assets, a strong balance sheet and significant growth prospects. Across our operations, we intend to achieve mutual understanding and collaboration with renowned companies across the world to match with the following activities:

1. Automated Drilling Systems

2. Barge Services

3. Catering And Housekeeping Services

4. Cement, Barite and Bentonite Hauling Services

5. Cementing Services

6. Coil-Tubing Services

7. Commodity Burner Services

8. Commodity, Completion and Expandable Services

9. Completion and Related Services

Provide all required labor, supervision, tools and equipment for automated measurement and control systems that optimize reservoir economics, including:

  • Installation and Commissioning of Permanent Downhole Monitoring Systems (PDHMS)
  • Installations and Commissioning of Smart Well Completion (SWC) Systems

10. Coring Services

11. Cutting Reinjection and Skip And Ship Services

12. Deep Gas UBD/CTD Package

13. Drill Pipes Protectors

14. Directional/Gyro Surveying Services

15. Drill-Stem Test Services

16. Expandable Sand Screen Services

17. Environmental Assessment/Monitoring

18. Fabrication and Welding Services

19. Fuel & Water Hauling Services

20. Fracturing Stimulation Services

21. H2S Gas Detection Equipment

22. Liner Hanger Services

23. Machine Shop Services

24. Measure While Drilling (MWD) Services

25. Mud Engineering Support Services

26. Mud Hauling Services

27. Mud Logging Services

28. Offshore Rigs – Oil/Gas/Workover

29. Onshore Rigs – Oil/Gas/Workover

30. Plug and Abandon Offshore Wells

31. Preparation of Wellsite Access Roads

32. Provide and Maintain Vertical Turbine Pump (VTP) Systems

33. Rental of Downhole Equipment

34. Rig Dollies Tires Repair Services

35. Rig Technical Services

36. Rig and Camp Move Services

37. Rig Inspection & Acceptance Services

38. Stabilizers and Mills Repair Services

39. Solids Control/Barite Recovery Services

40. Supply and Install HDPE Geomembrane

41. Slickline and Wireline Services

42. Snubbing Services

43. Tubing & Casing Services (Tubular Running)

44. Turbo Drilling Services

45. Tubular Inspection Services

Provide all labor, material, tools and equipment necessary to perform field and in-shop inspection of oil field tubulars, drill pipe, drill collars, and drilling tools to API and DS1 standards. Types of inspection shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Electromagnetic inspection
  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Visual inspection

46. Waterline Services

47. Well Bore Clean Up Services

48. Well Control Services

49. Well Testing Services

50. Wellhead & Valve Repair Services

51. Zero Oil/Gas Flaring Chemical Treatment Services

52. Horizontal Drilling Services

53. Installing & Retrieving Submersible Pumps

54. Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) Services

55. Water Well Drilling




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