Message from the CEO


There may be Entrepreneurs right now, some maybe afraid of taking risks, giving excuses, and thinking that it’s not the right time for them to expand their business. I have started Falcons Group of Companies way back 2004 in the year where Contracting and Trading was very in-demand. I never doubt my capabilities as a Leader though the challenges were very tough and unbearable. From choosing the right people that you will mold to become better leaders that will eventually help your company grow up to choosing the right place for your business. 

People may think that everything should fall into places at the right time. I thought that taking risks will allow me to face opportunities and make it the perfect time for me.  I always hear that “nothing beats hard work”, which made me realize that it’s true, when I see the continuous growth of Falcons. Perseverance comes along with commitment which involves dedication and passion towards reaching for your aspirations for the company.

In light of the foregoing, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is facing drastic changes when it comes to implementation of new rules and regulations for the benefit of the Saudi Citizens and the Expatriates. Something that will surely improve the economic status of the Kingdom, which pushes me to strive harder and become more competitive in overcoming the challenges in life.

Furthermore, I just want to share that I have learned that in business perspective, we should not wait for the right time for us to come. We need to create opportunities for us that will offer a never-ending success for the people who are working for your company that will result to the success of your company.

We are looking forward to serving your company and provide our world-class services.

Thank You.

 Khalid S. Al-Juaran

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)





Message from the General Manager

FALCONS Group is truly “a building force”.  Since its modest beginnings as a general contractor over decades ago, the group has transpired into a trusted partner of major industry providing valuable services and technology. We have successfully and consistently participated in the nation Technology Transfer requirements for the past decade, being first to introduce new means and methods resulting in cost savings, safer working environments, increased efficiency and reduced down time.

Falcons has been a leader in many areas over the past decade through a combination of a clearly defined Vision, Proactive Decision Making, Creative Management, Innovative Thinking, Consistent Reporting, Quality Input, Effective Contract Administration, Execution and Marketing. These attributes have enabled the company to realize its five (5) year plans consistently for the past decade.  The owners and management of Falcons Group are committed to realizing its vision by becoming your first choice over the next decade. 



General Manager


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