As Saudi Arabia forges ahead with its ambitious Vision 2030, aimed at diversifying the economy and reducing dependency on oil, homegrown companies like Falcons International Trading & Contracting Company Ltd. are playing a pivotal role in driving the nation towards its goals. Owned by a Saudi entrepreneur, Falcons International epitomizes the spirit of Vision 2030 through its innovative approach, commitment to excellence, and contributions to various sectors of the economy.

1. Economic Diversification

2. Local

3. International Partnership

4. Infrastructure Development

5. Innovation & Technology

6. Social Responsibility

Economic Diversification

Falcons International is actively involved in a diverse range of sectors, including trading, contracting, facility management, and IT solutions.


Falcons International, 100% Saudi-owned under Mr. Saleh M. Al-Yami, aligns with Vision 2030 by fostering local businesses and leadership development.

International Partnership

Falcons international has global partnerships in Europe and Asia promote collaboration, knowledge exchange, and technology transfer.

Infrastructure Development

Falcons International's involved in infrastructure projects cross-country pipelines aligns with Vision 2030's emphasis on infrastructure development as a catalyst for economic growth.

Innovation and Technology

Falcons International's Innovative Technology division leverages cutting-edge IT solutions to optimize operational efficiency and enhance productivity across various sectors.

Social Responsibility

Falcons International is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives that benefit local communities and align with Vision 2030's goals of social development and sustainability.